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John Albert Kramer

Born 1921

Tennis great Jack Kramer was born in Las Vegas.  An outstanding player even in high school he won the U.S. National Doubles with Ted Schroeder in 1940 and 1941.  In 1942 he entered the Coast Guard and was commissioned an Ensign. The Coast Guard allowed him to continue to play tournament tennis and he entered the National Doubles again this time with Frank Parker and won in 1943.  He was discharged from the Coast Guard in 1946.  In the 1946 and 1947 seasons he led the team that won the Davis Cup. He also won the National Singles, the National Doubles again with Ted Schroeder, the British Singles and the British Doubles.  He turned professional in 1947 and won the Professional Singles in 1948, the World Professional Singles in 1949 and the World Professional Doubles with Bobby Riggs in 1949.  He began promoting tournaments in 1952 and retired from tennis in 1954 to continue the promotion of tournaments.

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