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Gower Champion

Born June 22, 1921 – Died 1980

Singer, Dancer, Actor, Choreographer, Gower Champion was born in Geneva , Illinois.  He and his wife Marjorie were considered one of the most memorable dancing teams that paired together.  Their dance routines for many movie musicals were known for their visual and stunning choreography.

Champion started dancing at an early age when his mother moved to Los Angeles.  In 1941 he entered the Coast Guard for wartime service.  His service included entertainment during various USO shows and troop shows.  When he left active duty in 1946 he teamed up with Marjorie Belcher, they were married in 1947. Some of the films they appeared in were "Mr. Music", "Showboat", "Lovely To Look At", and "Jupiter’s Darling".  On television they appeared on the "The Bell Telephone Hour", "The Marge and Gower Champion Show" and the "Admiral Broadway Review".  He directed such movie musical blockbusters as "Hello Dolly" and "Guys and Dolls".  Gower Champion passed away in 1980.  His wife Marge still dances and teaches dance.

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