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Historic Cutter, Boat, Aircraft, Lighthouse & Station Plans, Drawings, Art & Blueprints

First Class Light Vessel Plans

Cutter Plans:

A blueprint for the 1830 Revenue Cutter Hamilton

USRC Hamilton (Morris-Taney Class cutter; 1830); earliest known design drawing of any cutter, provided courtesy of Nathaniel Wiltzen, Archivist, National Archives, Boston, MA.


Cutter Drawings:

Line Drawing Sets (drawn by Dr. John Tilley; each drawing is presented here under the title of their original release package):

USCGC Roger B. Taney

Early Sailing Cutters:

Unique Historic Cutters:

Historic Tenders of the U.S. Lighthouse Service:

From Sail to Steam:

Coast Guard Vessels of the Prohibition Era:

Coast Guard Cutters of World War II:

World War II Amphibious Craft:

Training Cutters:

Modern Coast Guard Cutters:

In Color:

  Other Line Drawings:

Cutter Art:

Revenue Cutter Bear Painting


Cutter, Tender, Lightship & Vessel Plans:

Small Boat & Craft Plans & Blueprints

(Courtesy of CDR Tim Dring, USNR, Ret.)

Click here for information and photography of small boats & craft.

Pulling/Sailing Lifeboats:

Pulling/Sailing Surfboats:

Power/Motor Surfboats:

Motor Life Boats:

Utility Craft:

Aids to Navigation Craft:

Aircraft Drawings:

Line Drawing Set (drawn by Dr. John Tilley)


Lighthouse Drawings

Lighthouses of the U.S. (drawn by Dr. John Tilley):

Lighthouse, Light Station, Lens & Buoy Plans

Lighthouse & Light Station Plans:



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