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U.S. Revenue Cutter Service Discharge Certificate,
Circa 1914

Historic Documents of the Revenue Cutter Service

Honorable Discharge Certificate, USRCS Form 2012, dated 4 April 1914:

The following document was donated to the Coast Guard Historian's Office in April, 2008 by Jack Martens, the son of Signal Quartermaster Albert Martens, USRCS, the serviceman who received this document on 4 April 1914 after "having served with credit and fidelity" aboard the USRC Yamacraw.  Not much is known about the men who enlisted in the Revenue Cutter Service as they typically enlisted for a single year or for a single cruise, as it appears was the case with Signal Quartermaster Martens.  During his enlistment, Yamacraw, a relatively new cutter commissioned in 1909, was homeported at Savannah, Georgia.  Her cruising grounds included the waters between Cape Romain, South Carolina and Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Her area of responsibility was extended in March 1914 to include the waters off Key West to cover for the cutter Miami which had temporarily been assigned to the newly established International Ice Patrol.

We are grateful to Mr. Martens for donating this document.

An honorable discharge certificate for the Revenue Cutter Service.

Front of document

An honorable discharge certificate for the Revenue Cutter Service.

Rear of document

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