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U.S. Coast Guard Awards

Stanley C. Linholm

Awarded 3 August 1937

Around 2:50 PM on 10 May 1937, the San Diego Police Department telephoned the USCG Air Station at San Diego. They informed the station that two persons onboard a small boat were in distress off Mission Beach and requested that the Coast Guard render assistance in a plane.

LT Stanley C. Linholm immediately had the plane V-131 up and ready to go. The remaining crewmen were co-pilot LT Arthur J, Hesford, CPHM Thomas A. Montgomery, and RM1 John E. Reiley. They departed from the station and on arriving at Mission Beach, they observed two young men clinging to an overturned boat about 500 yards directly offshore from the Mission Beach channel at the outer edge of the breakers. They circled several times looking over the situation and found there was a very heavy surf running out through the channel. There was also a very heavy swell running from the sea. About this time they noticed the Mission Beach Life Guards in their surfboat attempting to reach the boys, but observed their boat capsized in the outer breakers. So Linholm immediately risked a landing in the open sea outside the breakers as the young men appeared to be completely exhausted and unable to hold on much longer. The landing was very hard due to the full force of the swells striking the bottom of the plane. After landing they taxied around toward the beach turning through the outer surf and headed into the wind and approached the capsized boat. When the plane came adjacent to the young men a line was thrown to them from the bow and after hatch and the semi-conscious young men were hauled aboard, where they collapsed. Then Montgomery rendered the necessary medical assistance.

LT Linhom then taxied about nine miles into a lee where a takeoff could be made. LT Linhom used excellent judgment and skillfully handled the plane in landing in so rough a sea under such hazardous conditions to pick up the two young men. These men would have undoubtedly drowned, as no boat could get through the breakers and the young men were rapidly losing consciousness.

It is also considered that the other aforementioned occupants of the plane performed their duty in a highly credible manner.

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