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Coast Guard Units Eligible for the
Korean Service Medal

A photo of a Korean Service Medal


USCGC Bering Strait; WAVP 382

USCGC Chautauqua; WPG 41

USCGC Durant; WDE 489

USCGC Escanaba; WPG 64

USCGC Falgout; WDE 424

USCGC Finch; WDE 428

USCGC Forster; WDE 434

USCGC Gresham; WAVP 387

USCGC Ironwood; WAGL 297

USCGC Iroquois; WPG 43

USCGC Klamath; WPG 66

USCGC Koiner; WDE 431

USCGC Kukui; WAK 186

USCGC Lowe; WDE 425

USCGC Minnetonka; WPG 67

USCGC Newell; WDE 442

USCGC Planetree; WAGL 307

USCGC Pontchartrain; WPG 70

USCGC Ramsden; WDE 482

USCGC Richey; WDE 485

USCGC Taney; WPG 37

USCGC Wachusett; WPG 44

USCGC Winnebago; WPG 40

USCGC Winona; WPG 65

Commander, Coast Guard Far East Section, Tokyo

Coast Guard Merchant Marine Detachment, Japan

LORAN Station Bataan

LORAN Station Pusan

LORAN Station Ichi Banare, Okinawa

LORAN Station Iwo Jima

LORAN Station Matsumae, Hokkaido

LORAN Station Niigata, Honshu

LORAN Station Oshima, Honshu

LORAN Station Riyako Jima

LORAN Station Tokyo, Honshu

An image of the South Korean flag

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