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Security Levels

Commandant's Corner

All Hands Messages

Commandant's Initial All-Hands Message

Commandant's Intent Action Orders PDF file

Commandant's Intent PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation of Admiral Allen's Commandant's Intent

[Unless otherwise noted all files are in pdf PDF Icon format]

  1. Commandant's Intent - Message to our Coast Guard Auxiliary Members
  2. 2006 OPM Federal Human Capital Survey
  3. Response Boat - Medium (RB-M) - Contract Award Video graphic
  4. Coast Guard Day (2006)
  5. Commandant's SITREP 2 - First 100 Days
  6. Final Action on CGC HEALY Mishap
  7. National Security Cutter Update
  8. State of the Coast Guard
  9. Coast Guard CIAO Update
  10. Commandant's SITREP 3 - First Year
  11. Multiple Benefits of a Multi-Mission Coast Guard
  12. Coast Guard Day (2007)
  13. 28 September 2007: Email from Admiral Allen to All Hands on Recent Racial Incidents at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy: Where I Stand
  14. Guarding our Coasts Since 1790
  15. What a Difference a Year Makes
  16. State of the Coast Guard (2008)
  17. Commandant's SITREP 4 - Forging Ahead with Mission Support
  18. Establishment of Law Enforcement and Security Rating
  19. Being a Guardian
  20. Leadership and Diversity Initiatives
  21. Modernization Review Process
  22. Implementation of the Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) Rating - Update One
  23. Accident Involving CG-6505
  24. Update on Accident Involving CG-6505
  25. Self Propelled Semi-Submersibles
  26. Fast Response Cutter
  27. Commandant's Corner 2.0
  28. Approved Billet Reprogramming and Modernization Update
  29. WHEC Sustainment
  30. Holiday Message
  31. Commandant's New Year's Message
  32. Modernization Update: 27 JAN 09 - Early 2009 Milestones
  33. State of the Coast Guard Address (2009)
  34. Video and Transcript of the State of the Coast Guard Address
  35. Spotlight on Leadership
  36. Commitment to Modernization
  37. FY2010 Budget and Posture Statement
  38. Publication 1
  39. DHS Areas of Responsibility
  40. Modernization Update
  41. Coast Guard Day 2009
  42. Loss of Coast Guard C-130 and Marine Corps Helicopter
  43. Crews of Coast Guard C-130 and Marine Corps Helicopter
  44. Loss of CG-1705
  45. Nomination of Next Commandant
  46. Coast Guard Activity in Haiti
  47. FY11 Budget
  48. Senior Leadership Nominations and Announcement
  49. State of the Coast Guard Address: 12 Feb 2010
  50. Revisions to Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy
  51. Commandant's Change of Command

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