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Women in the U.S. Coast Guard 

Information on the History of Women in the Coast Guard
and Its Predecessor Services

The all-female crew of a Yerba Buena Island 41-footer

The all-female crew of a Yerba Buena Island 41-footer; left to right: BM1 Jane Piereth, BM3 Gail Wheeler, MK1 Esther Lieberman, BM1 Becky Post, BM3 Adele Fiorillo; April, 1989.  Photo by PA1 Ron Cabral

Overviews, Articles & Chronologies:

SPARS: The Coast Guard Women's Reserve A photo of a Coast Guard SPAR uniform.:

Notable Coast Guard Women:

Deborah Atkin, USCG
Meredith L. Austin, USCG
Maria Bray, USLHS
Jody A. Breckenridge, USCG
Sally Brice-O'Hara, USCG
Diane Bucci, USCG
Abbie Burgess (Grant), USLHS
Cynthia A. Coogan, USCG
Vivien Crea, USCG
Marlene DeTienne, USCG
Linda L. Fagan, USCG
Pearl E. Faurie, USCGR (W)
Florence Ebersole Finch (Smith) USCGR (W)
Elizebeth Smith Friedman (Treasury Department, USCG)
Holly Harrison, USCG
Olivia Hooker, USCGR (W)
Beverly G. Kelley, USCG (Bio); (1996 Coast Guard Magazine article); (Retirement Brochure)
Eleanor C. L'Ecuyer, USCGR
Mary E. Landry, USCG
Kelly (Mogk) Larson, USCG
Ida Lewis, USLHS
Barbara Mabrity, USLHS
Rhonda Fleming-Makell, USCG
Thomasania Montegomery, USCG
Edith Munro, USCGR (W)
Joanna Nunan, USCG
June E. Ryan, USCG
Fanny May Salter, USCG
Mary Alice "Mike" Shaffer, USCGR
Patricia Stolle, USCG
Sandra L. Stosz, USCG
Barbara Sutton, USCGR
Dorothy C. Stratton, USCGR (W)
Cari B. Thomas, USCG
Katherine Walker, USLHS

Oral Histories & Other First-Person Accounts:

Historic Documents, Reports & Studies:







A SPARs recruiting poster from World War II

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