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Coast Guard Personnel

The first group of SPARs to be recruited in 25 years

Including Heroes, Women, Minorities & Famous Coast Guardsmen

General Overviews:


Medals & Awards:


Commissioned Officers

Warrant Officers

History of the Enlisted Force

Ranks, Rates & Ratings:

Chief Petty Officers:


Small Arms Training:


Official Documents, Manuals & Miscellaneous:

  • 1923: Coast Guard Courts and Boards, 1923 (Washington: GPO, 1924); with "Amendment to Courts and Boards" (Nos. 1-7): No. 1, 17 May 1927; No. 2, 25 October 1927; No. 3, 12 March 1928; No. 4, 1 November 1928; No. 5, 29 March 1929; No. 6, 7 July 1930; No. 7, 17 February 1931.

A photo of the crew of a Lighthouse Service tender, circa 1910

U. S. Lighthouse Service crew of an unidentified lighthouse tender, circa 1890.

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