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Admiral James Loy, 1998-2002

Admiral Loy's speeches are presented here sorted chronologically by major topic.  The topic areas are:

Shape the Future -- Restore Readiness

Maritime Safety -- Leadership -- Diversity -- Unique Instrument of National Security

Some speeches may be listed under multiple categories.

Admiral Loy's remarks on Spirituality and Leadership delivered at the April 11th 2002 Prayer Breakfast, Washington, DC.

Admiral Loy's remarks on improving Maritime Security delivered to the Heritage Foundation 12/17/01   

Shape the Future

State of the Coast Guard 03/21/02

Boston Officers Association 04/19/01

State of the Coast Guard 03/22/01

National Press Club Speech 02/24/00

Coast Guard Roles and Missions Opening Remarks 02/04/99

NY Navy League Speech 11/04/98

ASNE Speech 10/06/98

Restore Readiness

Fleet Reserve Association 08/00

USNI Speech 04/27/00

CNA Speech 12/01/99

Naval Institute Speech 04/22/99

Curse of Semper Paratus 01/19/99

Homeland Security

Heritage Foundation 12/17/01 

Maritime Security 10/31/01

Homeland Security 09/28/01

Naval War College Speech 12/14/98

Lessons From the Drug War AFCEA 01/23/01

Maritime Safety

Cruise Ship Safety Sea Trade 03/06/01

Qualship 21 09/25/00

Conn Maritime Assoc 03/22/00

Louisiana Port Forum Speech 03/18/99

Maritrans Commissioning Speech 11/09/98


Leadership and Integrity 1/17/02  

Holding the High Ground CPOA 08/23/01

Army Command and Staff Coll 02/1301

CGA LDC Leadership Direction 01/10/01

State of the Coast Guard 03/07/00

CPO Association Speech 08/16/99

DOT Senior Leadership Team Speech 06/15/99

Recruit Center Cape May Graduation 06/11/99

State of the Coast Guard Speech 05/04/99

Hampton Roads Coast Guard Ball 04/24/99

Anthony Petit Launching 01/30/99  

OCS Speech 12/18/98


Diversity Summit 04/09/02

Taming the Tiger NNOA 07/18/01

Diversity Summit Speech 04/16/99

Civil Rights Conference Speech 08/24/98

Other Topics

Change of Command 05/29/1998

Change of Command 05/30/2002

AFRAS Awards Speech 09/24/98  

Maine Lighthouse Speech 06/20/98

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