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Welcome to the website of the U. S. Coast Guard Historian's Office.  We are proud to serve as the gateway to the study of our service's illustrious past.  The Historian's Office collects, preserves, promotes and commemorates the Coast Guard's history and heritage in all forms, including the history and heritage of each of the five predecessor agencies that make up today's Coast Guard:  the Revenue Cutter Service, the Life-Saving Service, the Lighthouse Service, the Bureau of Navigation and the Steamboat Inspection Service.

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Coast Guard Prohibition Photograph

"'Quick Trigger' Schmidt captures another rum runner.  Since the Coast Guard has officially absolved Boatswain Karl 'Quick Trigger' Schmidt of slaying William P. Cluett, Captain of the Rum Runner, JOSEPHINE K, the boot legging [fraternity] is taking no chances.  When Coast Guard Patrol Boat 145 -- with Schmidt in command -- drew close to the trawler, DEL REY II, ten miles east of Fire Island on Aug. 26, the crew scurried over the side and were off in an instant in a speed boat.  So all that Schmidt captured was the rum runner and a $50,000 cargo of choice liquors.  Schmidt (at left) is here shown relating the story of the capture to Special Agent Lynch of the Prohibition Bureau, at the Battery, in New York."  ACME photo dated 26 August 1931; Photo No. 162481.

Scan provided through the courtesy of ATF Historian Barbara Osteika.

Scan of the Original Photo Caption

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