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Death of MSST Anchorage Petty Officer Administrative Investigation

"Consistent with the Commandant’s policy of transparency, the enclosures to the Final Action Memorandum are provided in this section of the reading room. The enclosures have been reviewed under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552, and the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, and redactions have been made where appropriate."

Index of Related Documents

Enclosure 1:  Administrative Investigation Convening Order dated 26 March 2007

Enclosure 2:  MSST Anchorage Deployment History

Enclosure 3: Draft:  Coast Guard PWCS/US Navy AT/FP Puget Sound Communications Procedures

Enclosure 4:  Presentation:  Operation Ice Free Outbrief

Enclosure 5: Travel Orders for PS3 Gill

Enclosure 6:  MSST Anchorage Boat Mission Report

Enclosure 7: Incident Location Overview

Enclosure 8: Photos taken from Washington State Ferry Prior to Incident

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6

Enclosure 9:  Handwritten Witness Statements  of MSST Anchorage Crewmembers of Boat 25501 (Crewmembers: Coxswain (BM2), Crew (MK3), Crew (MST2)

Enclosure 10:  Investigating Officer’s Summary  of Witness Statements contained in Enclosure 9

(Crewmembers of Boat 25501: Coxswain (BM2), Crew (MK3), Crew (MST2)

Enclosure 11:  Handwritten Witness Statements  of MSST Anchorage Crewmembers (Crewmembers of Boat 25493:  Coxswain (BM2), Crew (GM3), Crew (MK3)

Enclosure 12:  Investigating Officer’s Summary of Witness Statements contained in Enclosure 11 (Crewmembers of Boat 25493:  Coxswain (BM2), Crew (GM3), Crew (MK3)

Enclosure 13:  Witness Statements of Two MSST Seattle Crewmembers

Enclosure14:  Investigating Officer’s Summary of Witness Statement of MSST Seattle (Coxswain/EMT)

Enclosure 15:  Witness Statements of Four Station Seattle Crewmembers

Enclosure 16:  Investigating Officer’s Summary of the Statements of the Captain of the Ferry Tillikum and Witness Statement of Ferry Passenger

Enclosure 17:  Email traffic dated 26 March 2007;  Personnel Casualty Report;  Assignment of Mishap Analysis Board;  Loss in the Line of Duty; Email Traffic dated 27 March 2007;  ALCOAST on Memorial Services for PS3 Gill

Enclosure 18: Sector Seattle’s SAR folder and transcribed radio log

Enclosure 19:  Email dated 25 March re:  MSST Seattle Support for MSST Anchorage

Enclosure 20:  Email Traffic dated 25 March re: PS3 Gill

Enclosure 21: Press Release and emails about the death of PS3 Gill

Enclosure 22: Medical Examiner’s Diagram of Injuries and Email Traffic referencing autopsy report

Enclosure 23:  Boat Record Book for Boat 25501

Enclosure 24: Program Hours

Enclosure 25: Casualty Reports for Boat 25501

Enclosure 26:  Report of Investigation, CG 25501 Capsizing 19 Sep 05

Enclosure 27:  Memorandum dated 21 Nov 2002 re:  RB-HS Safe Speed Test

Enclosure 28:  SnapShot – PGM-FI

Enclosure 29:  Photographs of Boat 25501 following mishap

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Enclosure 30: Photographs of PS3 Gill’s Gear


Enclosure 31: MSST Anchorage RB-S Outfit List

Enclosure 32: Photographs of Surf Belt

Page1, Page2

Enclosure 33:  Copy of Solicitation for Commercial Items

Enclosure 34: Photographs of Quick Release Strap Prototype Gun Belt System

Page1, Page2, Page3

Enclosure 35:  Classroom Assignments for Pre-Deployment Training

Enclosure 36:  Training Record Reports

Enclosure 37:  Crew Underway Hours

Enclosure 38:  Memo RE:  Boat Crew Examination Board Designations

Enclosure 39:  Boat Crew Examining Board Results

Enclosure 40:  Boat Crew Examining Board Results

Enclosure 41:  Memo dated 12 Oct 2004:  MSST 91111 Ready for Operations (RFO) Inspection; Memo dated 25 Feb 2005: MSST Initial Stand-Up Training (IST) After Action Report;  MSST Training Matrix; MSST Anchorage Ready for Operations Summary

Enclosure 42: Memo dated 6 April 2006:  MSST Tactical Boat Crew and Tactical Coxswain Courses (501615)

Enclosure 43:  Memo dated 5 December 2005:  Standing Orders to Operational Detachments

Enclosure 44:  MSST Anchorage Instruction 6260.2

Enclosure 45:  MSST Anchorage Instruction 6270.17

Enclosure 46:  Defender Class Operator’s Handbook, Chapter 6, Section E (Boat Handling), COMDTINST 16114.37B

Enclosure 47:  Message:  Use of Seat Belts and/or Helmets While Operating Defender Class Boats

Enclosure 48: Machine Gun Carriage and Readiness Posture

Enclosure 49: MSST Response Boat Tactics Training Guidelines, Pacific AREA Instruction 3530.1

Enclosure 50:  Tactical Coxswain Update

Enclosure 51:  Message:  FY07 Boat Operating Hours

Enclosure 52:  MSST Anchorage Navigation Standards

Enclosure 53: Boat Crew Communications

Enclosure 54: Draft of MSST Detachment Team Leader Syllabus

Enclosure 55:  Message & Email Traffic on Boat Gunner Restraint System

Enclosure 56:  Message on Mounted Weapon Carrier

Enclosure 57: MSST Anchorage Personnel Chart

Enclosure 58:  Summaries of Witness Statements (Detachment Team Leader, Waterside Section Chief, Commanding Officer, and Executive Officer)

Enclosure 59:  Summary of Witness Interview: MSST Anchorage Leadership

Enclosure 60:  Summary of Witness Interview: MSST Anchorage Leadership

Enclosure 61:  Summary of  Witness Interview: Command Senior Chief from DOG Commissioning Cell

Enclosure 62:  MSST Anchorage Personnel Roster

Enclosure 63:  USCG Adhoc Query Report

Enclosure 64:  Email Traffic: Post Mishap

Enclosure 65:  Summary of Witness Statements: Commanding Officer SMTC

Enclosure 66:  Emergency Medical Technician ID Card

Enclosure 67: Press Releases Concerning Establishment of MSST Anchorage

Enclosure 68:  Deployment Summary Message

Enclosure 69: Memo dated 1 Nov 2004:  Consolidated Letter of Qualification, Certification and Currency Maintenance

Enclosure 70: Special Mission Training and Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.16

Enclosure 71:  Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST) Program Manual, COMDTINST M3510.3

Enclosure 72:  USCG Maritime Law Enforcement Manual, COMSTINST  M16247.1D

Enclosure 73:  USCG Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual, Volume I – COMDTINST M16114.32A

Enclosure 74: USCG Boat Operations and Training (BOAT) Manual, Volume II – COMDTINST M16114.33

Enclosure 75:  Boat Crew Seamanship Manual COMDTINST M16114.5C

Enclosure 76: Response Boat Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (RB-TTP) Manual, COMDTINST M16601.7

Enclosure 77: Message:  Defender Class Safety Advisory

Enclosure 78: Message:  Defender Class Safety Advisory (RBS-001-06)

Enclosure 79: Message:  Safety Standdown Areas of Emphasis Boat Forces

Enclosure 80:  MSST TACON Shift of MSST Anchorage Tailored Force Package

Enclosure 81:  ALCOAST:  Revision to the Machine Gun Boat Course

Enclosure 82:  Message Traffic: Mounted Automatic Weapons Qualifications

Enclosure 83:  MSST Anchorage Instruction M3530.1

Enclosure 84:  Summary of Witness Statement (Sector Seattle Commander)

Enclosure 85: Supplemental Summary of  Witness Statement (Commanding Officer of SMTC)

Enclosure 86: Supplemental Summary of Witness Statement (Commanding Officer of MSST 91111)

Enclosure 87:  Supplemental Summary of Witness Statement (MSST Anchorage Crew)

Enclosure 88:  Email traffic dated 18 September 2007: Mounted Weapons Qualifications

Enclosure 89:  Marine Safety Manual, Volume VII, Port Security, COMDTINST M16000.12

Enclosure 90: 1992  USCG Regulations, COMDTINST M5000.3B (cover page)

Enclosure 91: Operation Neptune Shield OPORDER

Enclosure 92: Death Certificate

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