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Updated: 12 FEBRUARY 2014


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AY14 Assignment Information Links:

ALCGENL 071/13 EPM-2 AY14  Kickoff Message 
Revised Assignment Priority Table


AY14 Guidance 

Assignment Officers will pass critical information via ALCGENL Bulletins in CGMS. Also, refer to rating specific websites and EPM's CG Portal page for information and updates.



Why is this important to our CG members? The ESS is ONE of the tools used by EPM to make screening and assignment decisions. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone verifies their ESS in CGBI. To view your ESS, click on the following link:


Additionally; for instructions on how to correct any discrepancies found in your Employee Summary Sheet:


1. <<CLICK>>


2. <<CLICK>> "CGBI Data Correction/FAQs" on the left of the screen


3.  Use the information and links on the screen to find the correct POC for fixing your particular discrepancy. 


4.  If further assistance is required, contact Customer Support using the link or by calling 1-877-USCG-SYS.



Career diversity also includes geographic diversity, and we’d like to point out that the COMDT’s policy on geographic stability has recently changed with the new Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8.

To summarize the policy, geographic diversity can be achieved by (1) completing full tours of duty, (2) granting extensions liberally, (3) providing local stability for two tours, (4) providing regional stability through multiple tours of duty in a geographic region.

With that, members who have completed two or more tours in a LOCAL AREA without affecting a household goods move are considered to have achieved geographic stability. Such members may request additional assignments in the local area on their e-resume, but must also have a realistic expectation of exercising a household goods move with their next assignment.  For all members who desire an assignment in a specific locality, we continue to encourage you to apply for assignments using an expanding square, by applying for jobs that are not only in the city or locality that you desire, but expand throughout the region that you are looking for.  

Please keep in mind that areas like Florida, Boston, Seattle, Alameda, Portsmouth/Hampton Roads, Alaska and the Carolinas continue to be places that have more assignment demand than we have assignment vacancies.  Because they are competitive regions, it may be more challenging to achieve regional stability there. 

PSC-epm Portal Link: HERE

The career counseling period for enlisted members began on 01MAY13 and will continue until 31AUG13.  All members are encouraged contact their Assignment Officer for career guidance.

Best of luck this assignment season! 

Semper Paratus,
CAPT William Lane 

“Trust is built one decision at a time”


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