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U.S. Coast Guard
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Non-Rate / A-School Assignments

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7200

Aviation A School"A" School NotesRate Requirements"A" School List

Updated: 31 DEC 2015

Non-Rate/A-School Assignments Supervisor
ASTC Samuel Ariola
(202) 795-6577

A-School Assignment Officers:

BM / DC / EM / GM / IS / MK / MST

FS1 Lance Turner
(202) 795-6605

ET / FS / HS / IT / ME / OS / PA / SK / YN
YN1 Katherine Windt
(202) 795-6606

Non-Rate Assignment Officers:

Districts 1 / 5 / 7/ 8 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 14 / 17
OSC Jason Stanley
(202) 795-6600



This note pertains to all Non-Rate assignments whether being reassigned after their first tour as a Non-Rate, graduating "A" School or successful completion of striker requirements (though "A" School and striker assignments are completed by the rated Assignment Officers (AO), this note still applies). If you are married to another military member (CG or other branch) and want to be co-located with your spouse, your AO must be notified via you Chain of Command and/or in the comments section of your E-Resume. As per the  MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS AND AUTHORIZED ABSENCES, co-locations are not guaranteed due to the needs of the service.  However AOs will work together to achieve these assignments whenever possible. In addition to your E-Resume comments, your billet choices should geographically align with your spouse's current unit (for example, if your spouse is stationed on board the CGC BERTHOLF, the assignments you request should be as close to Alameda, CA as possible). The AO will not re-assign your spouse to the area you receive orders to until he/she is tour complete and only then if there is a service need in that area. If Commands have questions or concerns regarding Non-Rate co-locations, please contact your units Non-Rate Assignment Officer.


Non-rate assignments are unique; we build our assignment slates weekly as compared to rated assignment officers who work on an assignment year. Constant dynamics require fluid communication between the unit and the assignment officer. Non-rated members that are tour complete need to work through their unit supervisor to request reassignment, as they are not allowed to contact their assignment officer directly. Members that are within 12 months of departing for a class "A" school, or their end of enlistment will normally be retained at their current unit. Approximately two months prior to the member's tour completion date, the command representative should contact the assignment officer to get a list of available units for their member to choose from. Unless special circumstances exist, we do not normally transfer non-rated members out of the District/Area they are currently assigned to. We will work with the command representative in determining an assignment that will be beneficial to both the member and the Coast Guard. All assignments are made based on needs of the service, category of the unit, and the member's needs/wants/desires, respectively. If you are unsure of your unit priority, please refer to the MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS AND AUTHORIZED ABSENCES, article 1.B.4.a.

Some things that units may want to consider which could help minimize gaps with non-rate assignments:

Strikers - When a command approves a member to strike a rate, that member will continue to fill their non-rated position until they transfer or fleet-up orders are issued. The position of a member who has successfully struck a rate will still be viewed as filled, and will not count towards that unit's vacancy rate.

Discharges - In order to identify timely replacements for departing members, please notify the appropriate non-rate assignment officer when members are processed for discharge. Non-rate AO's often will not be aware of this until the position is already vacant, unless notified early in the process.

"A" Schools - Particularly units with operational commitments, commands may request to delay the class convening dates for members going to "A" school via epm-2. The end goal being to stagger the departure of their non-rated members.  If you have any questions regarding non-rate assignments, please feel free to contact your non-rate assignment officer.

The YN"A" Distance Course is coordinated by PSC-EPM-2 and TRACEN Petaluma YN"A" Staff.  For more information, please contact the YN East Assignment Officer or the Monthly "A" School List Rate Requirements Page.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can non-rates contact non-rate and/or A school assignment officers directly?

A.  No. IAW MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS AND AUTHORIZED ABSENCES 1.D.4 non-rates are not authorized to contact any non-rate and/or A school assignment officer directly. If a non-rate has a question or concern, they are advised to go through their Admin office or chain of command. If their chain of command is unable to answer their question then the command may contact the Assignment Officer directly. In most cases, questions and concerns can be addressed at the PO1/CPO level. 

Q.  Can a member strike and be on an A school list at the same time?

 A.  Members enrolled in a striker program are only eligible to be on a Class A-school list of the same rating they are striking. Members who have earned a designator are no longer eligible to attend Class A-school for that rating.

Q.  If a member receives NJP, can they remain on the list?

 A.  If a member receives NJP, they are removed from any A school list for a minimum of 6 months after which a new request would need to be submitted.  Commands are advised to contact an A school assignment officer if one of their members receives NJP. 

Q.  If a member received an alcohol incident can they remain on the list? 

A.  If a member receives an Alcohol Incident they will be removed from prospective "A" school list. They will need 6 months good conduct before applying for "A" school. 

 Q.  If a member is not recommended for advancement, can they receive

A.  Members who are not recommended for advancement will be placed on an ADMIN hold. That hold will only be removed once the member is recommended for advancement on their next set of semi-annual evaluations.

 Q.  Can I submit an A school request via Direct Access? 

A.  Unfortunately this method is not recommended. We (A school assignment officers) must do our checks on our end to ensure that a member is fully qualified to be on the A school list. Also, while a class that is being requested may appear to have an opening, on many occasions we are holding that spot for a guaranteed student or have already offered that spot to the next person on the list. If a request is received via Direct Access one of the A school assignment officers will contact the command directly asking to resubmit the request along with all the necessary information as listed above.  

If there are any questions that have not been addressed here, please see the monthly A school notes which can be found on the top left hand column of this website or contact one of the A school assignment officers.









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