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Coast Guard Diversity Champion

SNSK Krystal Fay

                                             SNSK FAY

Congratulations to SNSK Krystal Fay, our Diversity Champion!  The Diversity Champion distinction is bestowed upon individuals or units who have made significant contributions in support of the Commandant's Diversity Strategic Plan and OPTASK Diversity.

SNSK Krystal Fay reported to Sector Jacksonville in 2012 and despite her junior rank in the Coast Guard, she quickly established herself as a leader, paving the way for new initiatives. SNSK Fay aggressively sought out additional opportunities outside her normal duties as an active member of the unit’s Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council (LDAC).  Once part of the LDAC team, she quickly volunteered to be the Secretary, and planned several local speed mentoring events, and designed the theme and executed Sector Jacksonville’s first Women’s Leadership Symposium.

SNSK Fay initiated the theme for the first-ever Sector Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Symposium which took place on 13 November 2013.  From the start of a six month planning period, SNSK Fay was involved in every step of the development of the Symposium.  She assisted in finding a venue at minimal cost, planning the agenda, and finding guest speakers and panelist for a senior and junior panel.  This exceptional planning resulted in a Symposium that hosted over 200 women and men, including Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and civilians from local businesses and organizations in the community.  The Symposium provided a venue for mentoring, networking, engagement of local communities, and raised awareness of issues that affect both civilian and military women.

In addition to her involvement in the Women’s Leadership Symposium, SNSK Fay coordinated several speed mentoring events at Sector Jacksonville, which included participation from the District Seven Commander, RADM Korn, the Sector Commander, Deputy, and Command Gold Badge.  Each subsequent speed mentoring session drew larger crowds as Sector personnel spread the word of the excellent caliber of such events.  These events afforded the opportunity for junior members to interact with senior members and establish relationships that foster both professional and personal growth.  While pushing through these outstanding initiatives, SNSK Fay balanced her family, work and school in an exceptional manner.

SNSK Fay's leadership, mentorship, and devotion to duty are exemplary and serve as a great example of the positive impact one can have on a unit.  As a direct result of your efforts and outreach, the Coast Guard is making strides toward achieving the vision set out in the Diversity Strategic Plan.  Thank you for your work in championing diversity!

Nominate Someone for Diversity Champion

Do you know someone who has a positive impact on the workplace climate of your unit?  Email a Diversity Champion nomination to SCPO Mary Cunningham.  Each nomination should be 1-3 paragraphs in length, and should describe the nominee's actions in support of the Commandant's Diversity Strategic Plan (DSP).  Nominations should also include the member's name, rank, unit, and picture.

Actions that support the DSP include, but are not limited to, mentoring junior members; conducting local outreach; positively representing the Coast Guard in underrepresented and/or minority communities; and improving the workplace climate for all members.  All Coast Guard employees may be nominated, including Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian, and Auxiliary members.  Pictures of the member's unit will be used in the event a nomination is received without a picture.

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