The Diversity and Inclusion Staff (CG-12B) invites everyone to sign up for a free subscription to the website.  We have purchased a Coast Guard-wide license to the site and want to make it available to everyone interested in diversity and leadership issues. 

It contains the latest cutting-edge research, analysis, metrics, trends, best practices and real-life solutions from the top organizations for diversity and inclusion.  There will also be original articles from DiversityInc's editors covering monthly leadership themes such as mentoring, talent development, and generations in the workplace, and leveraging employee resource groups.

This is just one step to learn more about diversity and leadership issues and a great way to start discussions at any command Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council (LDAC). 

To access content on the site, simply go to and enter your Coast Guard email address to the left of the login button and then click login.  You will then receive an email confirmation that will grant you access to the site.  The next time you use the site, just enter your Coast Guard email address.