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Submit an Issue to the LEAD Council

Please follow these criteria in framing your issue:
1.  Issue has a broad impact and is within the jurisdiction of HQ, USCG.
2.  Solutions to this issue are attainable considering our political environment and the resources available to the CG.
3.  Issue does not duplicate a current or previous LEAD issue (within 3 years).  To check current and previous issues, please follow this link and check the recent LEAD reports.
4.  Issue has a measurable end product.

Issue Title:

Guidance: Ensure the title tells the reader what the issue is about.  Use the title to summarize the issue, not the recommendation.  Keep the title brief.

Scope (concise statement of the issue):

Guidance: Describe what the problem is and why it is a problem.  Avoid using buzzwords like "readiness", "retention", and "esprit de corps".  Will someone outside your work group understand your issue?  Provide enough detail to validate the problem.  Use the Scope to state one problem; not a multitude of related issues.  Avoid writing a "mega" issue.

Recommendation (measurable objective with identified end product):

Guidance: Ensure the recommendations relate to the problem identified in the Scope.  Issues should have no more than three recommendations.  Identify what you want to happen by resolving this issue rather than how to make it happen.

Have you briefed this issue to your command/command chief?YesNo

If yes, what was his/her recommendation?

Have you brought this issue to the attention of your local LDAC?YesNo

If yes, what was the LDAC's recommendation?

Please fill out the information below so we can provide feedback or get clarification.  Your name will NOT appear on any report.




Phone Number:

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Thank you for your valuable input.  Please press submit now.


Last Modified 12/9/2014