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Security Levels

DCMS-81 Thesis Library

CCEE & ACET(O) Theses:

GPS Spoofing Detection Using Multiple Antennas and Individual Space Vehicle Pseudoranges

USCG Search & Rescue Drone

High Performance Parallel Java with Javaparty

ITM Theses:

Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization for Submarine Transit Security and Coast Guard Contingency Preparedness

No Project Exists in a Vacuum: Organizational Effects in Enterprise Information System Development

Architecture for Issuing DoD Mobile Derived Credentials

A Case Study of Internet Protocol Telephony Implementation

Collaborative Applications Used In A Wireless Environment at Sea For Use In Coast Guard Law Enforcement And Homeland Security Missions

Exploring The Lack Of Interoperability of Databases Within Department of Homeland Security Interagency Environment Concerning Maritime Port Security

Implementing Joint Battlespace Awareness ISR Integration Capability Architecture

Transforming Data and Metadata Into Actionable Intelligence and Information within the Maritime Domain


Engineering Theses:

The USCG 87' Patrol Boat Maintenance Program: An Analysis of a Scheduling and Resource Leveling Problem

Numerical Analysis of Ice Impacts On Azimuth Propeller

Evaluation And Analysis of DDG-81 Simulated Athwartship

The Isothermal Deformation of Nickel Aluminum Bronze In Relation To Friction Stir Processing

Developing an Accelerated Aging System for Gasoline Particulate Filters and an Evaluation Test for Effects on Engine Performance

A Multivariable Statistical Approach to Managing United States Coast Guard Small Boats

A Simple Method to Analyze and Predict Shaft Misalignment in Marine Vessels

System Dynamics Analysis of the Growth and Management of a Graduate Robotics Lab

Characterizing Lead Exposure at a U.S. Coast Guard Indoor Firing Range

Mechanical Behavior of Metal-Composite Joints Under Impact Rates of Loading

Asset Management Practices for Buried Piping at Nuclear Power Facilities

Operations Research:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Volunteer Guide Scheduling Analysis


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