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Inland Construction Tenders, (WLIC)

The 75' WLICs push 68' and 84' construction barges. SMILAX pushes a 70' construction barge. The barges are equipped with cranes and other ATON equipment to drive piles and work the smaller sized buoys. The 160' WLICs are single units without barges.

160-foot Class Inland Construction Tenders
in Service

(Commissioned: 1976)

  • HUDSON (WLIC 801) Miami Beach, FL
  • KENNEBEC (WLIC 802) Portsmouth, VA
  • PAMLICO (WLIC 800) New Orleans, LA
  • SAGINAW (WLIC 803) Mobile, AL

CGC Pamilico

100-foot Class Inland Construction Tenders
in Service:

(Commissioned: 1944)

  • SMILAX (WLIC 315) Atlantic Beach, NC

CGC Smilax

75-foot Class Inland Construction Tenders
in Service:

(Commissioned: 1962-1965)

  • ANVIL (WLIC 75301) Charleston, SC
  • AXE (WLIC 75310) Morgan City, LA
  • CLAMP (WLIC 75306) Galveston, TX
  • HAMMER (WLIC 75302) Mayport, FL
  • HATCHET (WLIC 75309) Galveston, TX
  • MALLET (WLIC 75304) Corpus Christi, TX
  • SLEDGE (WLIC 75303) Baltimore, MD
  • VISE (WLIC 75305) St. Petersburg, FL

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