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420-foot Icebreaker (WAGB)

The 420 foot icebreaker employs the power to break 4.5 feet of ice at three knots continuously or up to eight feet by ramming. The Polar Icebreaker/Research Vessel was built by Avondale Industries in New Orleans. USCGC HEALY is named in commemoration of Captain Michael A. Healy, US Revenue Marine.


Length: 420 ft
Beam: 82 ft
Designed Draft: 29 ft
Displacement: 16,000 tons
Propulsion: Disel Electric, AC/AC
30,000 Max HP
Commissioned: June 1999

420-foot WAGBs in Service:

  • HEALY (WAGB 20) Seattle, WA

CGC Healy
Last Modified 4/11/2014