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47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB)


Length: 47 feet
Beam: 15 feet
Draft: 4' 6"
Max HP: 870 HP @ 2100 RPM

Special Characteristics: Self-righting

(if overturned, the vessel will return to an upright position in 30 seconds or less)

Thumbnail photo of 47-foot Motor Life Boat

The 47-foot MLB was the replacement vessel of the circa 1963-1972 44-foot MLB. Is is primarily designed as a fast response rescue rescue in high seas, surf, and heavy weather environments to operate in up to 30FT seas, 20FT surf, and winds up to 50 knots. With safety in mind, 13 water-tight compartments were constructed. Similar to the 44-foot MLB, the 47-foot MLB can self-right in only 30 seconds. With state of the art electronically controlled engines, fuel management systems and integrated electronics suite, including 4 coxswain control stations, the 47-foot MLB has become the ideal platform for operations in extreme at seas weather conditions. With construction completed, 117 47-foot MLBs are in service throughout the Coast Guard Rescue Station community, serving the public.

Last Modified 5/23/2014