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378-foot High Endurance Cutter (WHEC)

The 378-foot High Endurance Cutter class are the largest cutters, aside from the three major Icebreakers and National Security Cutters (NSC), ever built for the Coast Guard. They are powered by diesel engines and gas turbines, and have controllable-pitch propellers. Equipped with a helicopter flight deck, retractable hangar, and the facilities to support helicopter deployment, these 12 cutters were introduced to the Coast Guard inventory in the 1960s. Beginning in the 1980s and ending in 1992, the entire class was modernized through the Fleet Renovation and Modernization (FRAM) program. The first of the class was the Hamilton (WHEC-715) commissioned in 1967. Highly versatile and capable of performing a variety of missions, these cutters operate throughout the world's oceans.

CGC Munro - Bearing Sea Early 2009

378-foot WHECs in Service:


378 ft
43 ft
3,300 tons
Power Plant:
2 Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbines, 2 Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engines


Last Modified 4/26/2016