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175-foot Coastal Buoy Tender (WLM) - Keeper Class

The 175-foot Keeper Class Coastal Class Buoy Tenders, along with the Juniper-class 225-foot seagoing buoy tenders, represent the new wave in buoy tending. They are the first Coast Guard cutters equipped with Z-Drive propulsion units instead of the standard propeller and rudder configuration. They are designed to independently rotate 360 degrees. Combined with a thruster in the bow, they give the Keeper-class cutters unmatched maneuverability.

With state-of-the-art electronics and navigation systems including Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) which uses a Differential Global Positioning System, and electronic chart displays - these buoy tenders maneuver and position aids more accurately and efficiently with fewer crew.

175-foot WLMs in Service:

  • ABBIE BURGESS (WLM 553) Rockland, ME
  • ANTHONY PETIT (WLM 558) Ketchikan, AK
  • BARBARA MABRITY (WLM 559) Mobile, AL
  • FRANK DREW (WLM 557) Portsmouth, VA
  • GEORGE COBB (WLM 564) San Pedro, CA
  • HARRY CLAIBORNE (WLM 561) Galveston, TX
  • HENRY BLAKE (WLM 563) Everett, WA
  • IDA LEWIS (WLM 551) Newport, RI
  • JAMES RANKIN (WLM 555) Baltimore, MD
  • JOSHUA APPLEBY (WLM 556) St. Petersburg, FL
  • KATHERINE WALKER (WLM 552) Bayonne, NJ
  • MARCUS HANNA (WLM 554) South Portland, ME
  • MARIA BRAY (WLM 562) Atlantic Beach, FL
  • WILLIAM TATE (WLM 560) Philadelphia, PA


Number in Service: 14
Length: 175 ft
Beam 36 ft
Draft: 7.9 ft
Displacement: 845 tons
Buoy Deck Area: 1,335 ft2
Commissioned: 1996-2000
CGC Ida Lewis
Last Modified 4/11/2014