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Coast Guard SFO Grand Haven


YN1 McElhone: 616-850-2516
YN2 Tesmer: 616-850-2545

The Administration Division's responsibilities are to provide excellent pay, personnel, and administrative support to satisfy the needs of Coast Guard customers within SFO Grand Haven’s area of responsibility, enabling them to effectively complete Coast Guard missions. The highly skilled personnel in this department are responsible for managing all administrative and personnel issues for a fast-paced operational workforce. Their responsibilities include coordinating all travel arrangements, reserve workforce issues, processing members transferring in and out of the SFO.


HS1 Westman 616-850-2533

The SFO Grand Haven medical department is staffed with 2 Health Services Technicians who support all the outlying units with medical and dental readiness, immunizations, physicals, and TRICARE issues. Although all the health care is contracted through TRICARE Prime Remote for the active duty member and their family, some medical care and emergency care can be given on a case by case basis. The HS’s are frequently on the road visiting the outlying units drawing blood, giving shots, and updating health records to ensure each member medically fit. On top of maintaining medical readiness, the HS’s also provide CDAR support, urinalysis, and instruct to the stations the American Health and Safety Institute First Responder and Basic Life Support classes to maintain an equal level of emergency medical support


TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy



SK1 Prince 616-850-2511

The mission of the Supply Division is to provide superior support to our customers within SFO Grand Haven area of responsibility by providing procurement, funds, property accountability, financial expertise, and training. The Division's efforts enable our units to perform their operational missions. The finance and supply specialist in this department utilize their expertise to manage all aspects of SFO Grand Haven budget. The personnel ensure all government funds are properly utilized and allocated to support the financial needs of our fast-paced operational units. Additionally, Supply personnel ensure all government property is accounted.




Last Modified 2/13/2015