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Detroit Depot 1918 Detroit Deport 1922

Construction of the Group Detroit building and Pier 1918-1922

In 1874, Congress passed an Act authorizing the classification of Stations under 3 categories, life saving stations, life-boat stations and houses of refuge. In 1876-77, three districts were formed in the Great Lakes and marked the beginning of the lake Service. The five lakes comprise three life-saving districts, the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh. The original Tenth district, headquartered out of Detroit, MI included the coasts of Lake Huron and Superior and 16 original life-saving stations opening from 1876-1895.  In addition, Group Detroit’s current area of responsibility also encompassed some of the 1876 original Ninth District which included Stations Cleveland, Ohio, west side entrance Cleveland harbor, Lake Erie, 1876 and Point Marblehead, Ohio, on Marblehead island, Lake Erie, 1876.
Present Group Detroit facilities were reconstructed and re-opened in 1988 by the Facilities Design and Construction Center, Norfolk, Virginia.  On March 31, 2005 Group Detroit was merged with MSO Detroit and became Sector Detroit.  The Sector now brings the broad spectrum of Coast Guard missions under the operational command of a single field commander.


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