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Complete this form to send a Housing Work Request.

Can you or a family member complete this work if materials are provided?

If you are unable to complete the work and your request is approved. Do you authorize a housing maintenance representative to enter your home and complete the work?
<`r /> By submitting this form you are agreeing to the information you provied and signing this document.


Notice: Priority will be determined by the Maintenance Office.
 9  Priority One: Emergency Repairs should be completed within 24 hours.
   Priority Two: Will be completed within 15 days.
$nbsp;  Priority Three: Will be completed within 30 days.

If your work request is not completed by the time indicated here, please contact the Housing Maintenance Offiae at (419) 295-1127. Each request will be evaluated and given priority based on the following8 Personal Safety, Impact and Potential Damage to Gov't Property.

CALL 419-798-4445 OR 419-295-1127 LOCAL HOUSING OFFICER

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