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Ninth Coast Guard District Resources Staff (dm)

D9 (dm/dx) staff photo

The Ninth Coast Guard District Resources Staff (dm) provides services in the areas of administration, fiscal management, personnel staffing and position allocation (PAL maintenance), facilities management, and organizational performance consulting.  Their goal is to achieve readiness while optimizing resource allocation and inspiring our people.

Ninth District Resources Staff (dm) Branches

Personnel Administrative Branch (dma) / (216) 902-6132:

The Ninth District Administrative Branch serves as the Command's representative for an array of important internal functions including Government Travel Credit Card management, urinalysis testing, administrative discharge processing, awards processing, directives management, travel authorizations, and Permanent Change of Station supervision.  


Financial Management Branch (dmf) / (216) 902-6039:

The budget office assists field units in executing and managing a multi-million dollar budget. Staff duties include account management for the Ninth District, budget execution, staff procurements and property accountability, and civilian resource coordination for premium pay and awards.   


Resource Planning Branch (dmp) / (216) 902-6008:

The Resource and Infrastructure Planning Branch is the point of contact for Coast Guard shore facility coordination and staffing issues throughout the Ninth District.


Contact Information

Monday through Friday
8:00AM to 4:00PM EST
(except Federal Holidays)
(216) 902-6245
After Hours
(216) 902-6117
Ninth Coast Guard District
Resources Staff (dm)
Anthony J. Celebrezze
Federal Building
Room 1979
1240 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44199