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Ninth Coast Guard District Planning Staff (dx)

D9 (dm/dx) staff photo

The Ninth Coast Guard District Planning Staff (dx) provides services in the areas of District contingency planning, operational planning, and reserve force management.  Their goal is to help achieve mission excellence through planning, exercises, and readiness.

Ninth District Planning Staff (dx) Branches

Contingency Planning Branch (dxc) / (216) 902-6096:

The Ninth District Contingency Planning and Preparedness Branch is responsible for the development, evaluation,  and constant improvement of contingency plans, preparedness capabilities, policy guidance and program support for the Ninth Coast Guard District’s all-hazards planning mission.


Operational Planning Branch (dxo) / (216) 902-6338:

Ninth District Operational Planning branch (dxo) provides planning guidance, direction and integrates operational planning and execution across all Coast Guard missions throughout the Great Lakes Region. 


Readiness Branch (dxr) / (216) 902-6385:

The Ninth Coast Guard District's Reserve Readiness Branch prepares reservists across eight states for mobilization and demobilization, in support of regional and national emergencies.  The District Reserve Force Readiness staff meets regularly with key stakeholders on Reserve support to contingency plans and optimizes the District's ability to meet those requirements through policy, guidance, and training.


Contact Information

Monday through Friday
8:00AM to 4:00PM EST
(except Federal Holidays)
(216) 902-6245
After Hours
(216) 902-6117
Ninth Coast Guard District
Planning Staff (dx)
Anthony J. Celebrezze
Federal Building
Room 1979
1240 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44199