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Prevention Department, Inspection Branch

Marine Inspector: LT Mallorie Schell, 419-418-6030

The Toledo Coast Guard Inspection Department is responsible for ensuring that all vessels flying U.S. and foreign flags entering and navigating the western end of Lake Erie and its navigable waterways are in compliance with all federal and local laws and regulations thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.  In addition, they have the responsibility of investigating any accidents that result in property damage and/or injury.


Code of Federal Regulations Title 46

Available Code of Federal Regulation titles on Government Printing Office Access.

Code of Federal Regulations Title 46 166-199

Code of Federal Regulations  (subchapter T)

Drug And Alcohol Testing

US Department of Homeland Security Drug and Alcohol Program.

Foreign Vessel Inspections

International and National Standards website.

G-MOC Policy Letters

US Department of Homeland Security Policy Letters.

Good wire size calculator in quick links.

Information about New Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)  

US Department of Homeland Security TWIC Information.

Marine Safety Center (MSC)

Links to Approved Fire Fighting Equipment, Lifesaving Equipment, Plan Review Guidance and Check sheets, etc.

Marine Safety Manual

USCG Marine Safety and Environmental Protection.

Marineco Technical Support

We do not endorse any manufacturer of Marine equipment, but the technical support site has useful information on wire sizing and wire size calculators for electrical applications.

National Vessel Information Circulars (NVIC's)

USCG Marine Safety and Environmental Protection.

Small Passenger Vessel Check-off Guide

MSU Toledo SPV pre-inspection check-off guide. 

Small Passenger Vessel Guide

MSU Toledo guide for vessels less than 100 gross tons, carrying more than 6 passengers and at least one of which who is a passenger for hire.


USCG Merchant Mariner Licensing and Documentation.

USCG 840 Inspection Guide Booklets

Open website, scroll to bottom and open 840 booklet.

Marine Safety Alerts:

Programming Marine Radio and AIS Equipment

Securing of Watertight Doors While Underway

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Marine Casualty Reporting Information and Downloadable Reporting Form 2692

Chantix Medical Advisory for Merchant Mariners

Marine Safety Information Bulletin 01-2008 (Marine Casualty Reporting Requirements/Alcohol or Drug Testing Requirements)


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