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MSD Sturgeon Bay Maritime Security

MSD Sturgeon Bay is charged with the implementation and enforcement of the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA).  MTSA provides a crucial framework for ensuring the safety of maritime commerce and our domestic ports.  MTSA's key requirement is to prevent a maritime transportation security incident (TSI), which is defined as any incident that results in a significant loss of life environmental damage, transportation system disruption, or economic disruptions to a particular area.

MSD Sturgeon Bay's dedicated personnel enforce the maritime security of numerous MTSA facilities through out the AOR covering Escanaba and Menominee MI down through Green Bay WI.  MSD personnel are responsible for the review, approval, and enforcement of Facility Security Plans for each facility including spot checks and annual exams to ensure adequate levels of security are maintained in accordance with MTSA.

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

What is a TWIC?
TWIC is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels, and all mariners holding Coast Guard-issued credentials.  TSA will issue workers a tamper-resistant "Smart Card" containing the worker's biometric (fingerprint template) to allow for a positive link between the card itself and the individual.

When and where will I be able to enroll?
TWIC enrollment at the Port of Green Bay will be processed at this site as of 2/18/08.
                - Location:    c/o Best Western Midway Hotel Green Bay
                                    780 Armed Forces Drive
                                    Green Bay, WI 54304-4528
                - Phone:        920-499-3161
                - Hours of Operation:    Monday-Friday:    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
To schedule an appointment and save time during enrollment, you can still pre-enroll online at or call 1-866-347-8942 (TWIC).

What will the enrollment process entail?
During enrollment, applicants will be required to visit the enrollment center to:   
        -provide biographic information
        -sign a disclosure form
        -provide the necessary identity verification documents
        -provide a complete set of fingerprints
        -sit for a digital photograph
        -pay the enrollment fee

For more information on the TWIC, please visit:

Last Modified 9/23/2013