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USCGC Bristol Bay
WTGB-102 & CGB 12001

Reporting Aboard

Congratulations on your assignment to the USCGC BRISTOL BAY! 

When you report to BRISTOL BAY you will receive a full welcome and information packet. This kit contains important  information about your new assignment.

Your sponsor is a very important resource as you plan your move to the BRISTOL BAY. You are highly encouraged to contact your sponsor before arriving. Your sponsor will be able to help answer any questions you have about life on the ship and in the Detroit, Mich. area.

Listed here is some information that may be helpful to you in your new assignment.

During your first three days, you will be exempt of duty while you are guided through the ship with your sponsor, meet department heads and finish administrative tasks. And during the 14 days after that, you will be exempt of duty as you finish indoctrination and PQS - and get your family settled in the area. This can be a highly useful time to get acclimated to the ship and become a useful member of our team. 

It's important that you take your indoctrination and familiarization very seriously. Our goal is to maintain BRISTOL BAY as the finest Buoy tender and Icebreaker with the best crew in the Coast Guard.  

Aboard BRISTOL BAY we must all rely on each other for our safety, comfort, welfare, and even our lives.  Going to sea is an inherently dangerous occupation. Working Aids to Navigation and Icebreaking are even more dangerous as we place buoys and break ice often in places where no prudent sailor would voluntarily go.  

You are encouraged to act maturely and professionally at all times and to be ever alert in the performance of your duties.  Take advantage of your time aboard to increase your knowledge and abilities and to advance your career in the Coast Guard.  Be a good shipmate; you are already an important member of the crew.

View of Detroit from CGC Bristol Bay at night
Last Modified 10/31/2014