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The definition of an Ombudsman is a volunteer (who may be a Spouse, Reservist, or Auxiliarist) that is designated by a Command to serve as a link between the command and families, assisting the command in its functions of providing information and related services to families regarding sources of assistance available to them, Coast Guard and command policies, and activities of interest to family members.

The duties of the Ombudsman in accordance with COMDTINST1750.4C are: 

(1) Report directly to the commanding officer or OINC.

(2) Through periodic meetings, mailings, and articles in command publications, inform family members on the command's behalf.

(3) Meet with the command regularly to obtain information on concerns common to unit families.

(4) Refer families to appropriate sources of assistance in resolving family-related questions. The Ombudsman's role is not to solve other people's problems but to link them to resources that will provide the needed assistance.

(5) Confidentiality is important in building trust between the command and its families, who must regard ombudsmen as a reliable source of information and trustworthy source of help in an emergency. 

(6) Support the Work-Life staff's family-oriented initiatives.

(7) Maintain and keep current local resource files and turn over to a successor.

(8) If needed, maintain a telephone tree to quickly communicate with families. 

(9) Immediately report suspected or substantiated cases of family violence and any pertinent information to the commanding officer or officer-in-charge and Family Program Administrator (FPA) as described in reference (b). If unable to reach any of these persons contact the Work-Life Supervisor. The Ombudsman shall neither offer counsel nor investigate further. The Work-Life Family Program Administrator is a professional who case-manages incidents of family violence and informs the command.

(10) Secure written records of incoming and outgoing telephone calls and requests for resources pertaining to Ombudsman duties where others cannot read them.

(11) Keep expense logs and receipts for reimbursement. Submit copies of all telephone logs to the command for review and verification.

The Ombudsman has no further role in the case and should not expect or receive any feedback because of confidentiality issues. The Ombudsman shall inform family members of the requirement to report family violence; 


Last Modified 2/9/2015