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     The following guiding principles should help set the course for all that we do onboard HOLLYHOCK.  We must challenge each other to keep these principles in focus during the completion of all missions aboard HOLLYHOCK.  When you detect a practice or procedure onboard that is out of sync with this command philosophy I ask you to bring that up the chain for review and action.  We will all work together to ensure HOLLYHOCK is a cutter we can be proud of.

People – You are HOLLYHOCK’s most important asset.  Without a properly trained and focused team of shipmates, HOLLYHOCK cannot conduct her diverse set of missions.  We will concentrate daily on fostering our shipmates’ personal and professional growth and will be attentive to their needs.  Without this support our personnel will not be able to keep their minds on the mission at hand.  This can have dangerous impacts.  Although mission requirements and the needs of the Service will not always match with our personal and professional needs, we will strive to keep our people’s needs and the Service’s needs in balance wherever possible. 

We are now and will always be SHIPMATES.

 Operational Excellence and Flexibility - The demands for CG service have never been greater.  The reliability of our maritime transportation system, the security of our northern border, and the safety of our fellow mariners depend on us performing our missions effectively.  Simultaneously, our cutters are getting older, our budgets are getting tighter, and the expectations for proper mission execution are higher while the acceptance of operational mishaps is lower.  We will design our training programs and our standard procedures to ensure maximum operational effectiveness.  Through cross-training of our personnel and regular execution of our range of missions we will ensure that we can attain maximum operational excellence and flexibility. 

We are always in a state of training and development.

 Personal and Collective Pride - We should strive to be and expect to be the best 225’ in the fleet.  Our Service has a great history with great people focused on our core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty.  A special pride in our missions, our ship, and our shipmates should affect everything we do … how we do preventive maintenance, train our newest shipmates, talk on the radio, conduct a buoy inspection,  etc will all reflect this personal and collective pride.  We should not accept things just for the way they have always been.  If our stamp isn’t on it and it isn’t the way we want it then that isn’t the way it should be.

Our positive reputation will precede us.

Last Modified 10/1/2013