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USCGC Biscayne Bay


Domestic Ice Breaking

BISACYNE BAY is perfectly situated in one of the connecting waterways of the Great Lakes; The Straits of Mackinac. Raw goods vital to the nation's economy transit through the lakes year round but when winter's fury freezes the water, commerce comes to a screeching halt. This is the primary reason BISCAYNE BAY was commissioned. From early December through mid-April every year, Lakers call on the services of BISCAYNE BAY to free them from their beset position in the ice, break the way and prevent ice jams from forming in the critical waterways.
BISCAYNE BAY is uniquely outfitted with a "bubbler" system designed to push low pressure air around the hull to lubricate the ship as she moves through the ice. Coupled with 2500 shaft horse power, BISCAYNE BAY is a formidable foe for thick ice or windrow. On any given year, BISCAYNE BAY will be called to into action on Lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie or their connecting rivers.

Law Enforcement

BISCAYNE BAY also enforces maritime laws and regulations by conducting boarding's and safety inspections on recreational vessels. BISCAYNE BAY is also equipped to mount automatic weapons to conduct Ports, Waterways and Coastal Patrol (PWCS) missions.

Search and Rescue

No matter what the mission, BISCAYNE BAY always stands ready to assist mariners in distress. Regardless if the water is soft during the summer months or hard during the winter months, the crew of BISCAYNE BAY is comprised of highly trained professionals who risk their lives so others may live. Some of the most notable rescues are displayed under the Unit's History page.
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Last Modified 12/29/2014