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Ombudsman's Corner

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term Ombudsman or may not have had an Ombudsman at your previous unit, we'd like to let you know what we do and that we are here for you!

The active duty members have people in their chain of command that they can go to for help. The Ombudsmen are for you, the spouses and families of the active duty member. We are your voice to the command. Because we are not active duty, we can often CONFIDENTIALLY direct you to help in virtually any problem area. To help us prepare for this role, we attend training sessions and have monthly meetings. We also sit on advisory board meetings throughout the base. At these meetings we can bring your suggestions and concerns directly to the right people. We are also constantly gathering information to help you in the community. If you have any problems, require help, need information, or want to introduce yourself, please contact your local ombudsman:

Mrs. Camie Mead

Last Modified 12/26/2014