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Station History

A brief description of Station Freeport

The original station was called the Velasco Lifesaving Station, and was located on the Gulf of Mexico at the intersection of Oyster Creek. The land for the original station was purchased in 1887 for the sum of $1.50, the station itself was built for $ 3, 150.00, and was accepted March 22, 1888. Station Freeport was destroyed in the 1915 hurricane, and land was donated to rebuild the new station on the banks of the Brazos River. The station’s main building and garage were constructed and occupied in 1917. In 1935, a boathouse and launch way were built to facilitate the maintenance and storage of the assigned boats. During WWII, the manpower at the facility, increased dramatically in response to the use of beach patrols. From, 1952-1963, USCGS DIONE (WPC 107) was stationed in Freeport. The “buck-and-a-quarter” FREDRICK LEE (WCS 139) and LEGARE (WSC/WMEC 144) were stationed in Freeport, in 1963-1964 and 1964-1968 respectively. USCGC POINT MONROE (WPB 82353) was assigned in 1969, and remained until 1992, when it was relieved by USCGC KNIGHT ISLAND (WPB 1348) until the year 2000 when the USCGC KNIGHT ISLAND (WPB 1348) was moved to Florida and the USCGC MANTA (WPB-87320) began its service. In 1963, the original station building burned, and over the next year the boat house was removed to accommodate the needs of the station. From June 1990 through May 1992, the new 2 story Multi-mission station was built on 7 acres of land adjacent to the old station for a cost of 4.1 million dollars. The second floor of the building sits at 20 feet above sea level, and is designed to withstand 110 mph winds. The ground level contains all workshops and storage areas. The second story contains administrative areas, emergency generator, water system, firefighting, and fuel systems, the station is capable of being self sustaining in time of emergency until help arrives. The old boat house serves as the city hall for the Village of Surfside. Station Freeport’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) consists of 69 nautical miles of the shoreline extending from San Luis Pass, on the west end of Galveston Island, to the Colorado River. Inshore, the Station’s AOR includes the inland waters (ICW) of the San Bernard River, Caney Creek, Oyster Creek, Bastrop Bayou, and Chocolate Bayou areas. Station Freeport’s missions are Search and Rescue, Ports Waterways and Coastal Security (PWCS), Maritime Law Enforcement, and Environmental Protection. Station Freeport is adjacent to the Freeport LNG facility, the Port of Freeport, and several waterside chemical facilities. The Freeport area is very busy with several container, chemical, and barge traffic arriving and departing daily. Station Freeport maintains a total of 8 boats (2) 41 Utility Boats (UTB), and (6) 25 foot Response Boat Small (RB-S), and a 45’ Response Boat Medium (RB-M) arriving in December 2011. The Station is staffed with 60 personnel in the ratings of Boatswain’s Mate (BM), Machinery Technician (MK), Maritime Law Enforcement Specialists (ME), Storekeeper (SK), Food Service Specialist (FS), and non-rated personnel. Station Freeport is supported by Auxiliary Flotilla 081-06-04.
Last Modified 9/19/2013