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U. S. Coast Guard Station Pascagoula

Station Pascagoula

Coast Guard Station Pascagoula is located on Singing River Island, a man made island composed of dredge materials from the Pascagoula Ship Channel and Ingalls Basin. Singing River Island is located approximately 5 miles away from downtown Pascagoula, Mississippi. The crew of CG Station Pascagoula manages Search and Rescue, Ports Waterways and Coastal Security, as well as Federal Law Enforcement from 10 Statute Miles North of Interstate 10, to 30 miles south of the barrier islands, and in between the tips of Dauphin and Deer Island.

Coast Guard Station Pascagoula is home to two 45’ Response Boats - Medium, two 29’ Response Boats - Small, and one Special Purpose Craft - Shallow Water. The Station maintains two buildings and a boat dock. The unit is made up of a mix of ratings, to include Boatswainsmates, Machinery Technicians, Gunnersmates, Food Service Technicians, Maritime Enforcement Specialists, and a Store Keeper. There are approximately 40 personnel Active Duty, and 10 reserve personnel assign here. Auxiliary Flotilla 03-08 also operates in this area.

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