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Station Gulfport

Station Assets

25-Foot Defender Class Boat (RB-S)25Foot

Developed in a direct response to the need for additional Homeland Security assets in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Defender Class boats were procured under an emergency acquisition authority.

After several configuration changes, most notably a longer cabin and shock mitigating rear seats, the Defender B Class (RB-S) boats were born. This fleet was first delivered to the field in OCT 2003, and there are currently 357 RB-S boats in operation.

41-Foot Utility Boat (UTB)41Foot

The 41' UTB is the general workhorse at multi-mission units.  It is designed to operate under moderate weather and sea conditions where its speed and maneuverability make it an ideal platform for a variety of missions.

There are presently 172 operational boats.

24-Foot SPC-SW

The purpose of the SPC-SW acquisition project is to recapitalize, standardize, and upgrade the Coast Guard's existing fleet of non-standard SPC-SW allowance boats. The proposed SPC-SW specification has been developed to meet multiple Coast Guard mission activities in the shallow water environment up to 18 inches of water. There are currently 37 SPC-SW allowances in the Coast Guard's inventory, assigned throughout the Coast Guard.
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