Security Levels

Station Gulfport

Station Assets

24-Foot SPC-SW

 Coast Guard 24 foot SP-SWC does a patrol.

The purpose of the SPC-SW acquisition project is to recapitalize, standardize, and upgrade the Coast Guard's existing fleet of non-standard SPC-SW allowance boats. The proposed SPC-SW specification has been developed to meet multiple Coast Guard mission activities in the shallow water environment up to 18 inches of water.

29-Foot RBS-II


As of May 2, 2014, 83 of 99 RB-S II boats ordered have been delivered.

The Response Boat-Small (RB-S) II is a high-speed, easily deployable asset designed to operate year-round in shallow waters along coastal borders. Up to 470 boats will be delivered to shore units throughout the Coast Guard to perform port and waterway security, search and rescue, drug and migrant interdiction, environmental and other law enforcement missions.


The RB-M replaces the aging 41-foot and other non-standard utility boats (UTB). The 41-foot UTBs are at the end of their 25-year economic service life and are experiencing escalating maintenance costs and reduced operational availability. The new platforms bring improvements in performance, efficiency and reliability. Having worked closely with operational commanders to develop a more capable response boat, the RB-M project has delivered a new boat with significantly increased speed and performance, improving response time and agility for missions. The boats’ also are designed with human factors systems engineering concepts in mind, decreasing crew fatigue on extended patrols.

The new 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RB-M) boasts an improved design, new ergonomics, and enhanced safety features, making boat crews more effective in performing their multiple missions. The RB-M is part of the Coast Guard’s plan to standardize and revitalize its shore-based boat fleet.