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Waterways Management Division



The Waterways Management Division focuses on maintaining an open navigable waterway to support maritime mobility and ensure effective and efficient commerce. This division oversees the Aids to Navigation (ATON) program which is carried out by 5 river tenders (cutters) that are strategically located throughout the Sector.

Waterways Action Plan


Towboat in fog

The Waterways Action Plan (WAP) provides general information and target gauges to be used as a guideline for a crisis on the waterways in the Mississippi River basin. The annexes provide actions which are to be taken for specific crisis conditions including; high water, low water, high current, and ice. The plan and it's annexes are reviewed annually by members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corp of Engineers, and River Industry representatives.

Sector Upper Mississippi River Annex 2012 - Mississippi River and Tributaries Waterways Action Plan


River Buoy Tender (WLR's)

The Waterways Management Division oversees and supports the operations of the 5 River Buoy Tenders assigned to Sector Upper Mississippi River.

USCGC Cheyenne

USCGC Gasconade

USCGC Sangamon

USCGC Scioto

USCGC Wyaconda


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