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Security Levels

Prevention Department

Inspections Division


The Inspection Division manages and oversees the regulatory and inspection elements of the Coast Guard's marine safety, security, and environmental protection responsibilities by ensuring overall compliance in regulated communities, including but not limited to:

Vessel Inspections

Inspections for Certification (COI) must be conducted within 90 days prior to the expiration date of the current COI. Inspections for certification require a 30 day written notification which should be submitted to the office conducting the inspection. Requests should be submitted on an Application for Inspection of U.S. Vessel (CG-3752).

Annual and Periodic inspections must be conducted within 90 days before or after each anniversary date. These inspections do not require written application and may be made by speaking with a vessel inspector at one of the following numbers:

Request For Inspection, U.S. Flagged Vessel Operating in Central/South America and Mexico

Facility Inspections

To schedule an inspection or to speak with an inspector, contact the Facilities Compliance Branch at (504) 365-2370.

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Last Modified 12/17/2015