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Security Levels

Command Philosophy


Ø                   PRIDE We all volunteered to serve in the Coast Guard and to serve at the discretion of the American public. We are here for a number of different personal reasons, but in the end we must always know that we serve in the finest Coast Guard and on the finest Cutter. Take pride in your job, take pride in your cutter, and take pride in the Coast Guard. Remember, we are the ones carrying out the Commander’s Intent and it is through us that the job will get done.

Ø                  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT We are charged with being subject matter experts and that is a charge we must adhere to. The learning will never stop no matter where we are in our careers. I charge every crewmember of HERON including myself to constantly develop our profession and organization for the better. Operational excellence occurs through personal and professional development..

Ø                   SAFETY I cannot express to you enough the importance of safety. EVERYONE is charged with the task of safety observer. If you see something unsafe SPEAK UP. No person on this cutter should feel that they cannot express a safety concern. Our job is inherently dangerous and because of that, safety is everyone’s job.

Ø                  MISSION EXECUTION:With the combination of pride, professional development and safety we can execute the mission and keep the high standard that we have set for ourselves. Take pride, seek out additional knowledge and look out for our shipmates. If we can achieve these things and carry them out then we have achieved in mission execution.

Ø                  Enjoy your experience onboard HERON. This is an exciting time to be in the Coast Guard and we all must take advantage of that. Finally if you ever see me not following my principles above it is your job to let me know. My door is always open.

T.C. Kellogg, LTJG
Commanding Officer
Last Modified 9/19/2013