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USCG ANT New Orleans
1790 Saturn Drive
New Orleans, La. 70129
Office: (504) 253-4836/4834



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ANT New Orleans is currently resides in a temporary facility that is co-located with ISC on the NASA Michoud base in New Olreans east. A new permanant facility is being constructed near the current temporary site and will house ANT New Orleans as well as ISC New Orleans.


ANT New Orleans was located at the old ISC Facility in the 9th ward of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. The former ANT New Orleans facility suffered extreme damage from Katrina and the buildings were beyond repair.


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ANT New Orleans briefly worked out of Morgan City, until Novemeber 2005. The unit then relocated to the National Data Buoy Center at the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. In May 2006 the unit one again relocated to a temporary facility at Sector New Orleans. In September 2006, ANT New Orleans once again moved, this time it was to our current location.





Last Modified 9/19/2013