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USCG Aids to Navigtion Team New Orleans

Reserve Management

USCG ANT New Orleans
1790 Saturn Drive
New Orleans, La. 70129
Office: (504) 253-4836/4834

Welcome Aboard!

Billet Structure:

Typical Non-rate job assignment: Watchstander, towerclimber, brush cutter, chain saw operator, ATON technichian, boat crewman, ATON crewman and general unit maintanence.

Watch type for non-rated personnel: One week on, one week off and response to discrepancies and hazards to navigation

Special procedures for reporting after hours: Contact Base OOD: (504) 329-1969

Uniform to report in and uniform of the day: Report in Tropical Blue Long. Uniform of the day is Operational Dress Uniform

Location of nearest military facility: ANT NOLA is currently co-located at BASE New Orleans on the NASA/Michoud Facility in New Orleans East. There is an Exchange, Galley, Medical and Dental facility.

Members without dependents: Members without dependents E-4 and below will be required to stay in barracks until fully qualified.

Members with dependents: The cost of an average two bedroom apartment in the area is $900 to $1200 per month without utilities.

BAH Rates: 2013 with dependents/without dependents

In some cases government owned housing is available (i.e. Navy Base). POC for government housing is Mr. Scmitz (504) 253-6593.

Most members with families live in the suburbs of New Orleans (i.e. Slidell or Metairie).

Tricare providers and dental is available for member and dependents.

Local Interests: New Orleans and surrounding areas provide many areas of interest; historical attractions, hunting, fishing, tourism and marine recreational activities. New Orleans is known for the French, Cajun and Creole style suisine and variety of seafood(s). There are also Mardi Gras celebrations and parades as well as numerous festivals year round such as Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest etc. There are several colleges in the New Orleans area including Tulane, Loyola, CUNO, Xavier and University of New Orleans, providing an opportunity for you to further your education.


Last Modified 9/19/2013