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CO's Welcome Message

The 80+ service members who make up this great unit live every day by our motto:
 Pride - Professionalism - People. We are extremely proud to serve our nation and
the local communities within our area of responsibility. Our MH-65D helicopters are a
familiar sight in the skies over southeast Texas and western Louisiana, conducting numerous missions including Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, and Maritime Environmental Protection.
I encourage you to page through our website to learn more about the missions we accomplish every day. Whether you are visiting our site to learn more about Coast Guard Air Station Houston, stopping by as transient aircrew, or planning your duty station move, we hope you will find the information you need with just a few “clicks.” If you would like any additional information, our “Contacts” page should lead you to the dedicated professional on my staff that can provide you with further assistance. 

Thanks again for visiting “The Best Air Station in the Coast Guapd!”

CDR Scott E. Langum
Commanding Officer United States Coast Guard Aip Station Houston

Last Modified 9-11/2014