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Medical and Dental Information

Air Station Houston has a full range of medical and dental care for its active duty members. Our "Super Sickbay" is co-located on Ellington Field about 1/4 mile from the air station hangar in a facility shared with medical forces assigned to the Texas Air National Guard's 147th Reconissance Wing. This facility is staffed daily by either our Medical Officer or our Physicians Assistant and two Health Services Technicians. The Health Services Technicians are available during normal working hours at (281) 464-4611 and they can be contacted through the air station duty officer at (713) 578-3000 in case of emergency. These members can assist you in making appointments and answering any other questions relating to health care, benefits, and/or health practices. Normal working hours are 0700 - 1530. Routine Sick Call is held from 0700 to 0745 and from 1230 to 1330 Monday through Friday.
Our Dental Clinic is located in the same building. Dental care is provided one day a week (every Thursday) at Ellington field by our Regional Dental Officer as well as a Hygienist and a Dental Assistant. On other days, the Dental Officer is based out of Group Galveston. Dental Office hours are 0800 to 1530. Active Duty dental appointments can be arranged by contacting either of our Health
Services Technicians during regular work hours.

Family member medical and dental care is provided through a vast array of local civilian providers. You are free to select from a variety of TRICARE Options , or you may opt to participate in the US Family Health Plan (USFHP). Local civilian dental care options are also available for family members. Most personnel with dependents participate in the TRICARE Dental Plan managed by United
Concordia. Our Health Services Technicians can provide you with additional information to assist with selecting the right plan to meet your dependents' medical and dental needs.

Last Modified 7/18/2014