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Eighth District Waterways Branch (dpw)

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Waterways Branch
Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 671-2107

Waterways Branch (dpw)


LSHSC (Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee)

SETWAC (Southeast Texas Waterways Advisory Council)

LMRWSAC (Lower Mississippi River Waterway Safety Advisory Committee)

Coast Guard Ocean Engineering

Office of Coast Survey, a service that produces nautical charts for United States waters, including its possessions and territories. OCS is an office within the National Ocean Service, NOAA, a United States Government Agency.

History of U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation

US Army Corps of Engineers

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

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Contact Information:

Branch Chief: (504) 671-2017

Private Aids to Navigation:
(504) 671-2328

Marine Information:
(504) 671-2327

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
(504) 671-2107

OCS (Outer Continental Shelf)
Safety Zones:
(504) 671-2017

Waterways Analysis and
(504) 671-2326

Vessel Traffic Service:
(504) 671-2109

Fax: (504) 671-2137

Last Modified 11/7/2014