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Eighth District Waterways Branch (dpw)

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Waterways Branch
Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 671-2107

Waterways Branch (dpw)

Federal ATON Projects:

Oversees/approves the establishment, disestablishement, relocation and lteration of federal Coast Guard Aids to Navigation in 22 U.S. states, including functional analysis, technical design and costing; ensures public is notified of all changes; liaises with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and waterway users.

Waterways Analysis Management system (WAMS):

Responsible for the schedule, oversight and approval of 74 recurring and 27 nonreccuring waterway studies which are conducted by Sectors and field units.

High Precision Positioning:

Conducts high-accuracy surveys of navigational range structures using specialized Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment. Surveys are conducted following knockdowns (e.g. hurricane losses), relocations and establishments.


Contact Information:

Branch Chief: (504) 671-2017

Private Aids to Navigation:
(504) 671-2328

Marine Information:
(504) 671-2327

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
(504) 671-2107

OCS (Outer Continental Shelf)
Safety Zones:
(504) 671-2017

Waterways Analysis and
(504) 671-2326

Vessel Traffic Service:
(504) 671-2109

Fax: (504) 671-2137

Last Modified 11/7/2014