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Eighth District Force Readiness Branch (dxfr)

8th District Logo

Force Readiness Branch
Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130

Force Readiness Branch (dxfr)

DXFR provides support and planning for the District Eight small boat fleet, Patrol Boats, WLR/WLIC Cutters and District Eight Ordnance/Weapons Programs.

DXFR Consists of:

  • Force Readiness Branch Chief
  • Small Boat Manager
  • WPB Manager
  • Weapons Officer

We are responsible for the following programs within District Eight:

  • Western River Flood Punts (WRFP, formerly "DART")
  • Ready for Operation Program (RFO)
  • D8 OINC Board
  • STAN Team Inspections
  • Geographic Restrictions
  • Depot Level Maintanence Planning
  • TCTO Support
  • Boat Forces Waivers
  • Small Boat acquisitions, surveys and transfers
  • Program U/W hour waivers
  • NCEA Augments
  • Weapons Site Approvals/Waivers/Exemptions
  • Ordnance Safety Inspections
  • MLOS Ordnance
  • Weapons Allocation Changes



Contact Information:

Division Chief: (504) 671-2082

Small Boat Manager:
(504) 671-2002

WPB Manager: (504) 671-2094

Weapons Officer: (504) 671-2081

Last Modified 10/15/2014