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Eighth District Resource Planning Branch (dmpl)

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Resource Planning Branch
Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 671-2097

Resource Planning Branch (dmpl)

Welcome to the Eighth District Resource Planning Branch (dmpl) web site. Our primary mission is to assist all field units in managing facilities and billet resource issues.  Staff is assigned duties that include billet reprogramming actions, lease management, resource requests, changes to organizational structure, and coordinating project planning and execution.  The Resource Planning staff also acts as liaison between field units and General Services Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, Civil Engineering Unit Miami, Atlantic Area, and Headquarters.

This site is designed to provide general information about our office and our missions. If you would like more in depth information, feel free to contact us.

Branch Functional Statements

Serve as Federal Building General Services Administration (GSA) Liaison for GSA owned or leased space issues

Coordinate District input and participation in out-year OE (FY+2 and beyond) and AC&I budget build process including reviewing and prioritizing Resource Proposals (RPs), development of Area/Area Commander Resource Requests (A/ORR), and the review and validation of personnel reprogramming and unit reorganization actions.

Review, coordinate and assist Program Managers in the development of input to Area/Area Commander including:

  1. AC&I Planning Proposals and Problem Statements
  2. Resource utilization/reprogramming requests
  3. Reorganization proposals

Coordinate billet management in the District and assure proper utilization of personnel resources.

Coordinate statistical analysis of sectors, stations and ANTs; sector and station staffing models are utilized to ensure resources and personnel are billeted to maximize operational needs.

Provide the District’s operational input to District’s Planned Obligations Priority (POP) Board on a quarterly basis.  Ensure the District program managers and regional non-District commands (e.g., COMSTA New Orleans) are represented.

Prioritize and establish the District’s operational input to CEU, FDCC and SILC on major shore facility issues including project priorities, scopes, budgets, and schedules; and real property in-grants, out-grants, acquisitions and disposal.

Coordinate long-term temporary staffing within the District such as Long Term ADOS.

Represent and advocate for field units in AFC43 POP Boards, budget and other resource requests, personnel allowance list reprogramming requests, etc.

Represent and advocate for field units in personnel allowance list reprogramming requests including quarterly PAL Cleanup Requests, Semi-Annual Reprogramming Requests (SARR), and SARR Waivers.

Coordinate district input to reorganizations, unit relocations, establishments, mergers, disestablishments, OFCOs, etc.

Contact Information:

Branch Chief: (504) 671-2097

(504) 671-2092

Last Modified 9/19/2013