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Eighth District Resource Military Personnel Branch (dmp)

D8 Logo

Resource Military Personnel Branch
Eighth Coast Guard District
500 Poydras St
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 671-2189

Resource Military Personnel Branch (dmp)

Welcome to the Eighth District Resource Military Personnel Branch (dmp) web site.  Our primary mission is to provide administrative services to active duty and reserve personnel assigned to D8 command/staff.  Administrative services include, but are not limited to:

Coast Guard Medals & Awards Program, Weight Program, Urinalysis Program, Personnel Accountability, Records Management Program, Personnel Records Administration, Mailroom, T-PAX/Travel claim processing, and Surge Staffing support.

This site is designed to provide general information about our office and or missions. If you would like more in-depth information, feel free to contact us.

Our office does not issue Military or Civilian ID cards. For the closest DEERS/RAPIDS office, please go to

For merchant mariner licenses, please go to

Additional Contacts:

Branch Chief: (504) 671-2189

Admin Assistant: (504) 671-2174

SPO Chief: (504) 671-2191

SPO Auditor: (504) 671-2013

Mailroom: (504) 671-2276

Medals & Awards YN:
(504) 671-2013

SPO Auditor:
(504) 671-2013

ADMIN Supervisor:
(504) 671-2013

Last Modified 6/22/2015